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    19th Nov 2018

    Principal Contractor Case Study; Expanding the Misbourne Horizon

    Each principal contractor project at StuartBarr CDR is very much a test of team-work, from the planning stages and right through the build. The 12 months of extension, re-modelling and renovation works at Chestnut Ridge was no exception. With up to ten contracting companies on site at any one time, ...read more

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    13th Nov 2018

    The Open Book Approach; an ever more popular build choice.

    For every construction project there are many potential ways to build. The Barr Group ethos is to put the client at the forefront of everything we do and when that principle applied to the build process there is certainly no ‘one size fits all’. At Woodland Road our client was keen to ...read more

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    12th Nov 2018

    Otterly Farmhouse; The sustainable product of a creative clan

    Sometimes a place just belongs to itself – everything adds up – and then you hear the story behind it and understand why. Set in a wild and delicate area of outstanding natural beauty and architectural heritage, Otterly Farmhouse and its grounds needed careful handling and fortunately ...read more

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    25th Sep 2018

    Our London Design Week ‘Hot’ List

    London Design Week last week celebrated the great and the good of the British and International design world. With a stunning new collection of raw fleece wall hangings and rugs, the Mourne Textiles set made us look... and feel! Based on an original 1970's rug design, created by the master weaver ...read more

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    12th Sep 2018

    Head over Heels about Ply – Material of the Modern World

    Ply based interiors projects, like this one by David Money architects (featured in April 2018 Living etc.), have led the current trend in naked ply interiors. Stripped back and simple, ply is both strong and versatile, with the potential to build pretty much anything - ceilings, wall cladding, ...read more

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    10th Sep 2018

    A heritage panel puzzle…complete with missing pieces.

    Thorbury Hall, Berkshire, was purchased by its current owner, David, several years ago. Living in the U.S. with his wife and family, the couple commissioned StuartBarr CDR to carry out a multi-staged project back home. The piece by piece restoration of this stunning listed English manor house has ...read more

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    4th Sep 2018

    Bathroom Design – temperature setter for the whole home aesthetic?

    The bathroom is the place we can be brave and truly express ourselves knowing that no one is watching. We are not just talking about singing in the shower and pulling faces in the mirror! Bathroom design can be a starting place of experiment and expression in décor which then translates ...read more

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    27th Jun 2018

    Contemporary Curves meet 18C Stone - doing things differently in design and build

    When architect, Brain Tracey designed a glass room, for his own home, he was not afraid to challenge the norms. A partner at Leslie Jones Architecture, Brian is no stranger to designing with a difference. His award-winning commercial works, as well as postgraduate qualifications in project ...read more

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    26th Jun 2018

    Living Outside…the Box: where to reside whilst your residence takes shape

    ‘POD living’ is fast becoming a habitation solution for the hipster generation – compact, eco-friendly, stylish and not afraid to be different - it is the perfect solution for living ‘outside the box.' This black and ply styled timber framed structure was designed down to ...read more

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    26th Jun 2018

    The Unexpected Double Finish - A True Story

    In the world of construction, things don’t always go to plan. Day in - day out we encounter issues which need to be addressed in order for the project to progress. Some of these things can be foreseen, controlled and headed off at the pass – and some are less predictable! At the Annual ...read more

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