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    24th Jan 2020

    Future proofing of historic barns… as well as some fabulous vintage vehicles!

    When no longer required as stabling, our client was unsure of how to repurpose these old thatched Berkshire barns. Commercial use would, over time, pay for the renovation works required to secure their structural integrity in years to come… but what was it to be? In their guidelines for ...read more

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    17th Dec 2019

    The Mulberry Cottage Fairy Tale

    A client with a clear vision combined with a construction company with a desire to make it happen (as well as made to measure joinery and kitchens capacity)… the perfect blend for a design and build project. Nearly two decades ago, our clients bought a delightful stone and timber clad ...read more

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    14th Oct 2019

    Interview… David Noonan, one of the three directors at StuartBarr CDR, gives us an insight into the ethos and workings of the organisation.

    What makes StuartBarr CDR different from other construction companies? As co-directors, we are driven by the pursuit of build excellence. We are, first and foremost, friends (and family) and from there we became business partners. Each of us has been working in the industry for longer than we would ...read more

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    10th Oct 2019

    Transformation from Indulgent Lux to Considered Design -Decorex 2019

    Decorex 2019, as always offered its unique mix of everything that is new in interior furnishing and finishes; the ultimate sweetshop for interior designers! This year however there was a step-change from the indulgent lux of years gone by to the unspoken theme of ‘considered design’. ...read more

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    4th Oct 2019

    Tackling Climate Change; Mayfield Barn leads the way with national low carbon project award win.

    On the same Friday that millions of young climate change voices took to the streets, in cities across the world, the Barr Group were delighted (and humbled) to win the National Low Carbon Build Project at the Federation of Master Builders biannual awards. The project in the spotlight, Mayfield ...read more

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    4th Oct 2019

    Underpinned by a ‘bio-materials’ theme; ’London Design Week brings the best in sustainable design innovation to the fore.

    This year, the organisers of the London Design Fair (LDF) chose bio-materials as its material of the event and, as a result, product designers worldwide have been seeking out sustainable materials to influence and inspire their creative journeys. This practice is evolving, it seems, as its own ...read more

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    6th Sep 2019

    Oxford Open Doors; An Open Invitation to Explore our Great City

    This weekend, the Barr Group are excited to join the Oxford Preservation Trust in their annual celebration of our great city. This, the twelfth Oxford Open Doors event, sees the most impressive list of cultural, historical, architectural and scenic spaces open yet (and without charge!). Click here ...read more

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    26th Jul 2019

    Experience of Work Experience - with the Barr Group, by Agnes Tate

    This month the Barr Group had the absolute pleasure of welcoming three Year 10 work experience students into the Barr Group fold. Charlie Barr, training co-ordinator for the Barr Group, says “All three work experience candidates were a breath of fresh air – we were delighted to hear ...read more

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    9th Jul 2019

    Modern countryside living; available to purchase – the  ultimate blend of lux and eco.

    In 2018, the Barr Group, harnessing its design-led ethos, melting pot of technical know-how and passions for quality and detail, produced two unique, highly specified barn conversions. Having received industry and design-world acclaim for their structural, visual and sustainable properties*, the ...read more

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    8th Jul 2019

    An Evolving Build – the stunning outcome of an unfolding vision.

    The Meadow House build started with a fixed schedule of works, which, during the course of the project, developed delightfully from functional to fabulous! The finished product is certainly proof that an evolving build can be just as successful as a fixed one. No stranger to setting a scene, our ...read more

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