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22nd May 2019

A legacy going forwards; as the man with 'the beard' ends his tenure, BarrJoinery looks to embrace the challenge of exciting new frontiers

Although the time has come to say farewell to the infamous Josh Hudson, BarrJoinery co. founder and Barr Group figurehead (and beard), for the last 12 years, we know that his legacy will live on. Moreover, we are thrilled that Josh’s move to Rycotewood College (the place where it all began!) will surely serve to cement long-formed organisational ties.

Josh Hudson and Stuart Barr both trained as precision cabinet makers at Rycotewood College (many years ago!). It was their shared passion for excellence of craftsmanship honed there, which has shaped the BarrJoinery business. Twelve years on, we wish Josh the very best, as he moves on to an exciting new role, in the knowledge that he will be sending back the best of the Rycotewood College graduates, to carry on his legacy at Field Farm.

The BarrJoinery team has always believed in the traditional approach of passing on skills, from one craftsman to another. As such, BarrJoinery are delighted to announce that, true to our train and recruit from within ethos, our new joint management team are already in place and firing on all cylinders! Lucy White and Sam Eeles took the reins back in April and have made a seamless, organic transition into their new roles.


Together Lucy and Sam offer the perfect combined skill-set. Lucy, with a management degree, a creative mind and wealth of relevant operational experience, is perfectly positioned to optimise all aspects of the organisation’s infrastructure and communications, putting the customer first and foremost. Likewise, Sam, with 20 years in the industry under his belt, has extensive experience in managing workshop teams and manufacturing processes and, as such, is already further enriching the BarrJoinery product offering.

Over the past ten years, BarrJoinery has developed from simple joinery and cabinetry workshop to a full design and made-to-measure manufacturing operation. Embracing each challenge, ‘doing things differently’ and, of course ‘attention to detail’ have always been core to the BarrJoinery mantra. Commissions for the likes of Abbey Road Studios, the Groucho Club and Le Manoir, as well as work with designers of the calibre of Shaun Clarkson ID and Shalini Misra, have set the ‘bar’ high. But, it is not just the iconic venues and big-name clients which keep the workshop teams buzzing, but rather the complexity, detail and challenge of every made-to-measure project they deliver.

When Jesus College Oxford commissioned the BarrJoinery team to produce seven heritage matched door sets, each templated to the exact dimensions of the 17th C stone arches the team stoically took up the gauntlet. Similarly, when commissioned to build a 9-foot, timber-framed golden egg for a designer’s exhibition the team ‘cracked on’ to bring it to life! The new BarrJoinery management team are looking forward to aiding the team in exploring new and exciting joinery and cabinetry frontiers.

Working with clients who require the ultimate in quality and individuality has always been the BarrJoinery vision. According to Lucy White “BarrJoinery commissions tend to tick one, or all, of three distinct boxes: those which are space-led, i.e. built into irregular architectural structures, those which are design-led, i.e. visualised by architects and designers but require practical interpretation and those which are construction-led, where our joinery/cabinetry forms an integral part of the complete jigsaw. Each of these comes with its own set of challenges, from a design, project management, service provision and logistical perspective – and our vision is to be able to meet all of these. We work closely with trusted specialist metalworkers, stonemasons and glaziers, allowing us to fulfill even the most ambitious of briefs!” 

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