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6th Sep 2017

Behind every door is a story and, in this case, every door has a story to tell.

It quickly became clear why clients Caroline and Gervase took a hands-on (and minds-on) approach to the large-scale renovation of their stunning South Bucks rural retreat; the resulting individuality is strikingly stamped throughout the property.  Brim-full of wonderful unusual features and each room is entirely different to the next.

Having tasked HollandGreen with the architectural and planning aspect, they sat across the table with StuartBarr CDR Construction Director Chris Noonan and Site Manager Andy Rose to work out the structural and finer details of the build. Professional interiors advice came from a friend of Caroline’s, who clearly understood the couple’s visual leanings and was able to bring them wonderfully to life.

Touring the labyrinth of stunning wall coverings, luxurious fabrics and ivy curtained leaded windows, one striking and unusual theme starts to nudges at one’s visual consciousness; no two doors are the same! Compelled to investigate further it becomes clear that there is indeed a story behind the doors. 

Caroline’s parent’s had owned a period property, full of memories, which was facing demolition. The silver lining was managing to salvage a treasure trove of fabulous fixtures and fittings from their former home, including some truly wonderful doors sets.  These, as well as extensive made to measure BarrJoinery doors and windows and carefully renovated original pieces, were expertly worked into the structure of the house, making the finished product a feast of wonderland ingresses. 

The most striking of all is the double door-set with intricately carved frame, which forms the entrance to the master bedroom; leading to luxuary and grandeur beyond. The guest room, with its own staircase from the ground floor, forms a self-contained suite.  It has a secret entrance to the rest of the house; actually through the wardrobe, evoking the delightful childhood dream of climbing right into C.S. Lewis' Narnia!

The banquette of doors and beauty of the rooms beyond continues with a secret bookshelf entrance to the lounge room bar and an elegant painted double door set opening into a luxuriously spacious bathroom and an eye-catching copper free standing bath.  The study and dining room opposite proffer matching double door-sets which adding depth and majesty to the hallway between. 

Entering the bright airy open plan kitchen-living space again brings a chorus of openings; this time light, bright and covering two whole walls in orangery style glory.  Using traditional joinery techniques and the latest in glazing technology, the outside offers borrowed scenery to the already impressive space.

All in all a wonderful challenge to build and a joy to behold; we thank our clients for their faith in The Barr Group Companies, the opportunity to learn with them and to create, together, a home truly like no other.

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