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9th Oct 2017

Changing face of construction; the Barr perspective

The Barr Group Home Show is all about inviting friends, associates and newcomers to Field Farm for a true Barr Experience. It seems the perfect opportunity to share a little of what is going on behind the scenes. We ask David Noonan, Principal Contractor Construction Director, to elaborate on current projects, build trends and the Barr Group ethos.

“As principal contractor, our job is to plan, co-ordinate and execute the construction phase of major build projects. As we work in the commercial and residential sectors we see a huge variety of plans at tender stage.” 

“In the residential sector, our contracts tend to be either ‘build from scratch’ projects where the complexity lies principally the scale, or top-to-toe renovations in which the complexity lies in the re-modelling and extension of the original structure.”

We know the Barr Group likes a challenge – tell us more about the different types of challenge your projects pose.

“To list but a few – glass walk ways, underground builds and unusual architectural glazing – all of which, in turn, impact the structural form of the building. Several of our current clients are architects or designers themselves, and as such have approached us with plans which require some serious thinking (and building) outside the box. In short, we have seen the bar being raised in our clients' specifications and we have risen to those challenges."

Could you give us a specific example?

 "One of our current clients is a designer and has planned a significant section of his large scale greenfield site to be underground. It is not StuartBarr CDR’s first experience of building an underground house from scratch, but it is certainly the largest scale dig out to date."

Where do commissions come from and how do StuartBarr CDR know which offer the best match with its ethos and capabilities?

"StuartBarr CDR is fortunate enough to have built strong lasting relationships with architects and contracts administrators across the region. Before tendering for any Principal Contractor briefs we ensure that we have the capacity and capability to provide "above and beyond" in terms project management team, skilled labour and infrastructure. It is also vital to ensure a values match – StuartBarr CDR build exclusively for clients who share our passion for quality and excellence."

To discuss your build requirements with StuartBarr CDR please make an appointment with one of our construction directors. Phone 01844 217706 or come along to the Barr Group Home Show on Saturday 14th October between 10am and 3pm (dedicated appointments available).



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