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22nd Mar 2016

Direct to Customer Project; A Client Led Design

Both spatial minded and detail orientated, from the outset our client had a clear picture in his mind of the look he wanted to achieve.

Until a year ago our clients lived in London and were planning to move to a country village due to increasing demands for space and lifestyle with a growing young family. They didn’t even have their London house on the market when they fell upon this Oxfordshire cottage, almost by accident and surprised themselves by putting in an offer. Recognising the property’s potential immediately; the end of the house had already been renovated “so the bones of the project were already there, it simply needed a few walls knocking down and doorways moving to make it a really functional family space". The plan was to let the old sit alongside the new - transforming the kitchen living area into a bright, functional space for work and play. More work is starting on the first floor and loft space conversion at the property later this year.

Chris Noonan, Construction Director at StuartBarrCDR specialises in ‘Direct to Client’ renovations (those which don’t involve an architect or third party project manager). Fundamental electrics, plumbing and infrastructure were to take a large part of their budget and as clients only had the excess proceeds from the sale of their one bed London property to work with, fixtures and fittings had to be carefully and economically sourced. With a clear idea of the look they were after the owners picked up bargains as and when they found them, alongside a few key pieces to finish the look.

Internal walls were removed between the old kitchen and utility space; allowing light to pour into the rear part of the room. A doorway was removed in order to increase the work space on functional side of the kitchen, but leaving an internal window to feed light through to the snug beyond.

Birch faced ply was suggested by StuartBarrCDR. Ply can be faced with a wide range of timbers and birch gives a light ‘scandi’ look - which fitted with their vision for the space. A standard 1220 x 2440 ply board can range from £25 to £120, depending on its quality, which tends to be related to the number of laminate layers within. Using a high quality ply ensured stability, durability and longevity, as well as achieving the textured look of multi-layered exposed ends, which is bang on trend.

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