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10th Jul 2017

Don't move improve...and pay next to nothing

The weekend Sunday Telegraph money section echoed what most of us are thinking and many are acting on. Selling and moving not only involves the huge financial costs of stamp duty, estate agents and solicitors fees, furniture removals and possibly storage but also lost work time, and a huge emotional burden (we have all heard the adage that apart from the death of a loved one moving house is the most stressful life event).  

Director of The Barr Group companies, Stuart Barr, is quoted in the article as saying “We are extremely busy, and it surprises me how many calls we get every single day from people wanting work done. Our kitchen department is three times busier than it was last year.”  Certainly across parts of Oxfordshire, Berks and Bucks property prices are such that maximising the potential of a property makes perfect sense. Who wouldn't want to live in glorious countryside with easy access to airports and the capital hub. It is a privileged part of the UK where quality workmanship and high specification builds are an affordable and highly profitable investment.

Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, recently put banks and borrowers on notice that the easy credit stoking the boom could not continue. Yet experts believe the high cost of moving will continue to fuel demand for home improvements.

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