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    31st Oct 2016

    Hygge; The Art of Danish Living

    From the wave of Hygge (pronounced Hue-gah) drifting across from Scandinavia right now, we are starting to realise that five million Danes cannot be wrong!

    Hygge loosely translates as cosiness, but means much more than that. It’s about a feeling of wellbeing, about enjoying life, whether through time spent with close friends or family, sitting by a fire with a hot chocolate, or putting on warm socks and dry clothes after a rainstorm. If that’s not clear, perhaps the flurry of books out this autumn exploring the concept will help clarify it: whether it’s The Little Book of Hygge by the chief executive of Copenhagen’s Happiness Research Institute, Meik Wiking, How to Hygge or The Art of Hygge, it is certainly looking like the biggest trend in publishing this Christmas. If you are looking for a great alternative Hygee read, then dig in to Charlotte Higgins synopsis on the subject for the Guardian - a somewhat critical review of the craze but a fan of the true native Hygge sprirt.  

    As the Scandi design and lifestyle books swamp our bookshops we are led to feel that the concept requires some special magic formula and with the deepest mid winter upon us we are more in need of a little Hygge than ever.   Achieving ‘Hygge’ really isn’t that hard; the Danish art of living well stems from a culture forced to embrace shorter days and finding positive ways of enjoying the dark winter months.  Hygge is more a feeling than anything else and the activities and ambiance, which help to create that feeling, are usually the things that make us happiest.  To add a little of that age old Danish tradition of embracing hunkering down for the winter and enjoying calmer cosier lives, just think of all of the things you love  - comfy slippers, your favorite chair, candle light, wood burners, hot chocolate, red wine, laughter with friends, warm smiles, warm hugs…

     For tips on achieving the Hygge aesthetic and the use of warm winter lighting visit SB//ID (StuartBarr Interior Design) or make an appointment with in house designers Rachel Barrett and Rachele Bowley.

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