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29th Jan 2017

Ingenious Solutions - Creating Light, Space and Contemporary Elegance in amongst the London Rooftops

Client led, StuartBarr CDR inspired and beautifully executed; this London flat was crying out for attention but at first glance it wasn’t clear what would give it the elegance it deserved.  Without architect input the project team pulled together to get the very most out of this once non-descript apartment, turning it into a stunning London hide away. 

Windows, which should have been bringing in light and views, were almost hidden by boxed off squared sections. Plasterboard and battening was stripped leaving just the structural posts, which could then be cladded and decorated along with the rest of the apartment.

“It was only when we did some investigations that we found there was a lot of empty space behind the boxing.  It was clear that only by removing it could we maximise the space within the flat.  Structural supports were required but these, cladded, became a feature and interest point  - accentuating rather than detracting from the new sloping window sections.  It wasn't only the space it gained, the view of London opened up.”  says Group Co. Director Stuart Barr.

The clean and simple interior of the renovated apartment speaks for itself and allows the attention to detail of workmanship to shine through. 

If you take a second look at the final images you will see a shadow gaps around all of the rooms.  The gaps are exactly 10mm from floor to wall and 5mm from doorframe to wall. This discrepancy is no accident, but acts to cleverly negate the visual imbalance that, as one is looking down, makes the floor gaps look finer than those close to eye level.  The secret is clever little fixings called style trims;  primed, pre-formed aluminum trims that hold plasterboard away from its adjacent surface.  The result is a perfect line that runs through the internal space, cleverly creating the illusion of floating walls and vanishing door frames, drawing your eye around the room.

The kitchen, once in situ, was carefully aligned to ensure every element offered the same invisible elegance that runs through the whole apartment. positioning and finishing of the stunning block marble island was crucial to the scheme.  Similarly in the remodelled main bedroom and ensuite the BarrJoinery designed and fitted wardrobes and 'un-boxing' trick around the window changes the space from clunky to serene with one wave of site manager Artuer’s magic wand! Bathrooms too, offer the same sophisticated elegance due to the perfect fit and finish.  For more images click here for the StuartBarrCDR and BarrJoinery projects pages.

Thank you to our clients for the opportunity to work on this project - we so enjoyed making this space beautiful!

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