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13th Jul 2016

Its a Knockout; Foam Antics with a Sound Rationale.

Twice a year the BarrGroup companies down tools and get together for a group meeting as well as some team building and a lot of fun.  Working across many sites,  with two separate workshops and  a hot-desking culture at Barr HQ, we don’t often have the chance to be in the same place at the same time.

This summers gathering stayed close to home.  Graham Fishes “International It’s a Knock Out” arrived at the Field Farm site and proceeded to set up a very professional looking array of crazy inflatables.  The mood amongst the would-be participants mood ranged from child-like delight to undisguised skepticism.  Luckily for all one fear was un-founded; the organisers kindly performed a little weather dance and the rain held off. 

Proceedings kicked off with the traditional director led meeting, in which company achievements were celebrated.  We took a look back at the projects and events of the previous 6 months.  The launch of our internal company app, designed to help staff stay up to date with internal changes, did away with the need for long company process and standards talk, getting us quickly on to the fun part of the day!

A bonanza of ridiculous activities and some surprisingly competitive team spirit commenced.  Tandem relay grass ski-ing, an oversized rubber postal service, head-balanced water buckets and a lot of foam gives just a taster of the afternoons antics; the recipe for belly aching laughter from participants and spectators alike.

After the Yellow team had been presented with their ‘winners’ medals, everyone found themselves a set of dry clothes and a beer.  The hog roast was in full swing the team had a chance to chat and relax. “It was a great opportunity to talk to people in the team that I hadn’t have the chance to meet before”, says Rachel Knight, of her first Barr Group Companies summer get together.

On a more serious note, our twice yearly BarrGroup Comany get together means more than just some beers and a bit of fun.  The ethos of the BarrGroup companies is built around shared values; communication, working as a team, attention to detail and maintaining exceptional standards to name but a few.  Our bi-annual meetings give us a chance to reinforce these values and to informally introduce them to the newer members of the team.  Spending time together reminds us why we work for the BarrGroup companies.  The passion, talent and enthusiasm are abundant and contagious and taking time out to get together only serves to make us even better at what we do. 

...and as Lottie, our wonderful receptionist, was quoted as saying “who wouldn’t want to see their boss stagger around, blindfolded, in a fat man suit?  ...Especially Stuart!”

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