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26th Jun 2018

Living Outsideā€¦the Box: where to reside whilst your residence takes shape

‘POD living’ is fast becoming a habitation solution for the hipster generation – compact, eco-friendly, stylish and not afraid to be different - it is the perfect solution for living ‘outside the box.'

This black and ply styled timber framed structure was designed down to the very last detail to give its inhabitants the ultimate in compact and bijoux living.

Having purchased a disused barn on a stunning site on the Oxon/Bucks border, our clients have a major build project on their hands. The barn is likely to take up to 2 years to convert and, in the meantime, they needed somewhere to carry on with their fun-filled daily lives - with their 2 boys (aged 10 and 8) and their much-loved cat ‘Zedzoogunga’! 

A piece of current hard-standing in the fields became the site for ‘Meadowbrook Bothy.' Built on a steel ring rather than a traditional foundation, the pod was designed to be movable in the future if required. The structure is a timber frame with timber stud walls and an OSB vapour control barrier, which was battened and timber clad. The rubber roof incorporates flush glazed roof lights and matt black glazing by Arkay Windows, offering minimal sightlines and, in turn, maximising light and views. Inside birch, face ply walls and doors are offset by black spray finished cabinetry and matt black ‘Buster + Punch’ designer hardware.


The internal layout and interior design were by the Barr Interior Design team. A complete project managed service was responsible for the planning, designing, sourcing, fit and finish. Many of the pod's integral features were designed from scratch, made to measure and precision fitted on site - including the fold down dining table, wardrobes, sink stand and kitchen cabinetry. Further items were sourced from, H&M home, Trouva, Hubsch and Nordic Nest. For information on individual pieces please contact the Barr Design team.

In the words of its delighted inhabitants, “the biggest challenge of the pod build was the extremely tight time frame…. the whole design and build took 9 weeks from start to finish and as a result we had to make decisions as fast as the pod was going up… an incredible testament to the whole team involved. Living in the Bothy has made us feel like we are on an extended holiday...the incredible expanse of sky and views make our simple Pod style living a total pleasure.”


Designed and built by StuartBarr CDR with interior architecture and styling by the Barr Design team


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