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13th Dec 2017

The Christmas styling photo shoot is fast becoming a Barr Group seasonal tradition

Roughly a year after completion of any major project, the StuartBarr CDR team returns to site to rectify any issues which may have arisen over time. This convention also gives us a wonderful excuse to return the property (with client’s permission of course) to capture photographs of parts of the house which may have previously been undecorated, not yet unpacked or awaiting furnishing. 

Early in December we made one of those return visits to Wisteria Lodge. It also coincided with what is fast becoming a Barr Group Christmas tradition (see 2016 – William Morris House) where a client kindly humours us by allowing us to contribute a decorated tree to their newly finished residence. Of course, for the Barr Group newsletter team – it gives us a fabulous headline story and some stunning seasonal images!

This year the ritual came with an even greater health warning. By way of explanation see below the email to our client the evening before we arrived:

A quick last-minute warning -  Rachel (Barr Group branding guru) has gone a little bit OTT with decorations and styling pieces for tomorrow. She is currently living on a building site and as a result we suspect she is using your living room as an outlet for her seasonal interiors spirit – brace brace!! Don’t worry - we will remove everything bar a lovely tree with some tasteful lights and baubles!

Our fabulous clients welcomed the intrusion with open arms and gave us free rein to dress their wonderful living room. With stunning period windows looking out onto gardens on three sides, a secret hidden bar, a fabulous grand piano and wonderful original herringbone floor - we had the perfect canvas.

We arrived armed with boxes wrapped in a riot of highly patterned golds, blues and greens as well as armfuls of freshly cut ivy, peacock feathers and some fabulously gaudy green and blue baubles. Some may say that blues and green should never be seen – but to us it is the perfect blend and at the same time a striking contrast. All of this set off by fir, eucalyptus and thistle, as well as the vibrant blue of Veronica Spicata. The results of our little flash bomb may be popping up on Instagram over Christmas – watch this space.

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