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13th Dec 2016

The Groucho Terrace brings a little 'Absolut' sparkle to Soho.

Where could have more WOW factor than the Absolut ELYX terrace at Soho’s infamous Groucho Club… and who could better be placed to create the look for a ELYX style revamp than Shaun Clarkson ID. With a penchant for the avant-garde and the extravagant, Shaun Clarkson ID is one of the UK’s leading interior design houses, acclaimed for their creative pulse and prolific works. Working with both global and boutique brands, their designs are both unique and outstanding.

The Groucho, a Soho private members club established in 1985, is an in-town haven for the cream of London’s creative and media industry. Keeping pace with the look of the moment, and the needs of its clientele, The Groucho remains consistently ahead of the curve. As such it has become the stage for the latest Shaun Clarkson ID/ Pernod Richard UK collaboration, in line with the international Absolut Vodka ELYX brand house style. The StuartBarr CDR team was given the opportunity to exhibit their skills both in commercial construction project management and workmanship. Delighted to win the main contractor contract alongside BarrJoinery, a fabulous opportunity to create this wonderful outside ‘room’.

An important element of the brief was consideration for the impact of 24/7 socialising in a built-up area. Sound deadening was an essential element. In response, StuartBarr CDR installed external acoustic panels to the walls, absorbing sound from the enclosed courtyard. The decking, rendering, seating and planters, built from reclaimed boards, all set the functional space.


To finish the look trellising and a wire-topped vine-draped pergola were built and installed; bringing a natural element to this beautifully structured exterior design.  Wire mesh fronted cabinetry, by Barr Joinery, forms the centerpiece of the terrace, exhibiting eclectic objet d’art, including the trademark ELYX, polished copper pineapples. The copper theme runs through everything from the marble-topped table edging to the “Skal’ lightboxes, to stunning effect.

The finished space is a stunning example of what expert design and a skilled professional construction team can achieve. To conjure up the Groucho vibe yourselves, hang those outdoor string lights over a boarded terrace, pop on some funky sounds and serve your guests a Copper ELXY! Recipe as follows:






Mix over ice and stir.

Strain into a chilled cocktail glass

Garnish with a twist of orange peel

Press oil from the peel over the drink and serve 

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