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27th Oct 2020

The Moorings riverside renovation... designed for perfect balance and the ultimate waterfront view.

Winding along the Thames, from Windsor to Henley, riverside properties form a lace of architectural diversity. When our stateside clients were searching for their perfect UK residence they were drawn to The Moorings, for its undisputedly idyllic location and its unique character... with clear potential to become something really quite exceptional. Keen to bring inspiration from their US living and the influence of Swedish family roots, they had a clear picture of what The Moorings could become. 

Our clients' brief to JCE Architects was to bring visual coherence to the property, creating a more elegant balanced frontage and augmenting the rear facade to maximise the property's fabulous southerly riverside vista. The architectural designs did just that. The removal of the 1960's garaging and a later conservatory addition left the slate clean for a two-storey extension which would meet the existing roof pitch and mirror the structure of the original house. 

The new master bedroom suite creates access to an extended and enhanced first-floor balcony running across the width of the property. To the front of the house, two stunning orangery structures were added - bringing grandeur to the overall composition. To the rear of the property a new symmetrically positioned gable, with corresponding bay, balances the whole.


The Barr Group were commissioned to carry out extensive structural works, alongside Summit Property Consultants. As well as significant extension the project involved a complete strip out / refit and remodelling of the internal layout. A interesting build focus for the project was the reconstruction of the rear balcony. A steel structure forms the frame of the deepened, elongated deck, giving luxuriously ample outside space to each of the river-facing suites. Integrated glazed floor sections provide light to the terrace and the hallway beneath and a bespoke metal balustrade secures the perimeter.

As with any waterside construction project, flood zone considerations are a vital part of the planning and structural specification, requiring considerable technical expertise. Happily, The Moorings is now set to withstand any excess river level rises whilst allowing its inhabitants to enjoy the delights of waterside living!

For the Barr Group, it was an absolute pleasure to play a part in bringing The Moorings to its newly enhanced incarnation - particularly working for wonderful clients - we thank them for letting us share these images.

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