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24th Apr 2017

The Premise behind StuartBarr CDR Overseas Service and its stunning Mallorcan base

In 2016, having completed several ad-hoc projects abroad, StuartBarr CDR has set up an official overseas office in Mallorca, making the island the official HQ for the Barr Group overseas service.  With full time project manager Pedro Bedrán on board and a stunning luxury villa project approaching completion,  StuartBarr CDR is already making its mark in the Mallorcan ‘laderas'.

Why Mallorca?  It's not just a case of joining the ‘Night Manager' bandwagon! Firstly, most of the island is stunning, unspoilt and accessible. Add to that an abundance of opportunities to acquire land, property and planning permission given the right ‘know how’.  Also let's not forget the Mallorcan traditional architecture such as the stonewall terraces known as 'Marges' which seem to hold up the Mallorcan hillsides and the beautiful properties that have been carved into them.  The trainspotter in me could go on (and on) but we will save the ‘Marges’ and the skilled workmanship that goes into creating them for another time!

The premise behind the overseas service is to offer the same excellence of build process and quality of workmanship on the island of Mallorca as here in the UK.  Building standard boxes is not part of our vision. At StuartBarr CDR we aspire to ‘construct excellence’, with projects that are as exciting in design as they are challenging to deliver.  We build for like-minded clients and investors who share our vision for quality and excellence.

The Mallorcan site teams are composed of a mixture of UK specialist skilled trades where required, as well as taking advantage of the traditional Mallorcan construction expertise.  In order to ensure the highest possible environmental standards, materials and labour are sourced locally wherever possible. Overseas project manager Pedro Bedrán, is a trained architect and has worked in construction design, planning and project management in both commercial and residential fields for over 30 years. Fluent in both written and spoken Spanish, English and French, Pedro is one of the lynchpins of the evolving SB overseas service. The team also draws on the skills of the Barr Group design team: interior designer Rachele Bowley, BarrKitchens designer Lucy Hillier and BarrJoinery designer James Knight. 

StuartBarr CDR is able to provide a comprehensive turnkey procurement, design and build service for clients based in the UK or further afield including:

  • Real estate search and procurement service.
  • Full design and planning service (architectural and interior).
  • Comprehensive project management service.
  • Complete fit and perfect finish, including excellent after-care customer service.

If you would like to find out more about our overseas service or to arrange a visit to our overseas HQ please click here for the relevant contact details.

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