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9th Oct 2017

The Underground House Reveals its Secrets

Imagine a secret underground house … at best you might imagine "snug and cosy" but for many "dark and slightly depressing" spring to mind. The reality in this instance is very different. You may remember reading about the in-progress build of the SB underground house project a few newsletters back – completed nearly a year ago; now truly lived in and fitting its earthy skin (which covers every side but one). This Bucks village hideaway is simply not what one would expect. Bathed in light thanks to specialist roof glazing and a wall of south facing glass, this ‘telly tubby’ residence is an absolute delight.

Its owners (one of them an architect by trade) have designed every inch of this house to their exact specification. Bold colour blocks sit against white walls and cabinetry giving an uncluttered feel, despite the wealth of books and objets d’art on display. The feeling one gets walking down a flight of steps from ground level to reach the front door and entering this hidden space is one of pure delight – like walking right into David Hockney’s LA (pictured left). Blue pillars flank the open plan kitchen living space, a block purple sofa takes the centre and vibrant shades of orange beckon from beyond an ingeniously placed divider.

Each room carefully maximises its usable space. A professional massage room becomes a spare bedroom with one tug of an invisible pull-down wall bed (cabinetry housing by BarrJoinery). Similarly, in the main dressing room BarrJoinery have manufactured and fit made-to-measure cabinetry to offer a streamlined look and fabulous storage. Each floor-to-ceiling glass panel across the south side of the property floods light deep into the space – with a mirrored panel in the kitchen reflecting light back across the work top.

In our client's own words, “The house is fantastic, thanks in no small part to the StuartBarr CDR team. They have been willing and able to buy into our vision to deliver the project as we'd hoped and intended.”

For external images of the underground house visit the project page.

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