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26th Jun 2018

The Unexpected Double Finish - A True Story

In the world of construction, things don’t always go to plan. Day in - day out we encounter issues which need to be addressed in order for the project to progress. Some of these things can be foreseen, controlled and headed off at the pass – and some are less predictable! At the Annual Barr Group Meeting this month we shared and discussed one of these examples, in terms of dealing with a problem positively – taking ownership, communicating effectively and taking action. Our clients (Robert and Isabelle) have kindly allowed us to share their story:

After several months of feverish activity, and with the removals container on its way, the family finally toured their perfect new home it was everything they wanted it to be. Full of praise for the Barr Group Team and Rogue Designs, they went off to their hotel, ready for moving in the following day. A complete success story, or so it would seem…

In Robert’s words: “After living abroad for several years, this was not just a house move but a complete lifestyle change. When we were given a tour of the finished property I was utterly speechless – ‘WOW’ all I could say as walked through the front door and at every room I entered from there on! The house was totally transformed.


Early the following morning Charlotte called to explain that there had been ‘an incident’ at the house. She asked me to redirect the moving truck whilst they worked out what had happened. We were to find that a plumbing part had failed causing high pressure hot water to pour through the house – taking down the guest room ceiling and flooding through the ground floor, destroying flooring, wall coverings and just about everything else in its path.”

Robert continues “The response from StuartBarr CDR was very fast – there was a team in there straight away mopping, drying out and de-humidifying. Everything about the response was above and beyond. However, the most important thing that happened that morning was that Chris Noonan (Construction Director) and Charlotte Holmes (Rogue Designs) came to see us at our hotel in person. It was a very simple gesture – but it meant everything. They both looked me in the eye and took ownership of the whole situation. It was an enormous relief to know that they were both right by our side. They made me feel that my problem was also their problem.”

…the story continues in Isabelle’s words: “The team worked through the weekend and got us into the house a week later – not quite as planned and not fully functional yet– but we were in! It was several more weeks and a considerable amount of work before everything was fixed and the lengths to which the StuartBarr CDR team went to put things right were amazing. Most importantly for me was a detailed timeline, week by week, showing all of the repairs and exactly when every item of repair work be carried out. The team, as they had through the build, remained upbeat and genuinely happy in their work – a pleasure to be around."

Chris Noonan, StuartBarr CDR Construction Director says “The ’disaster’ was traumatic for everyone involved. The team, who had worked so hard for months to perfect this project, were devastated. I was so proud of their response to this situation – it is definitely one of the more extreme examples of the little issues we face on a day to day basis.”

We would just like to say a huge thank you to Robert and Isabelle for being truly amazing clients and for allowing us to share their story. Against the odds the project had a wonderful outcome despite the double finish line!


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