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13th Jul 2016

Trakd: Transparency and Order for Your Build.

For the past 12 years StuartBarrCDR has been changing and growing.  The tool that has enabled this development is Trakd, a business management system designed specifically for the construction industry. It ensures that each project runs to budget and timelines, taking away much of the administrative load and allowing the management team to focus on all-important plans, specifications and communication. Trakd is now available for use by the wider construction industry and together with the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) the Trakd team are working to educate industry partners in its potential to transform small to medium sized construction businesses.

All well and good I hear you say …but how does the customer benefit from a business management system?  Trakd offers a customer specific  through which our clients can keep track of their own build.  It allows a company to share project documents with customers and vice versa, as well as tracking the progress of their build, viewing their financial statement and approving job changes.  All of this ensures complete transparency throughout the build and elimimates the risk of unwanted surprises for builder or customer. 

As we all know there will be variations from the original plan, whether they are initiated by architect, client or by unforeseen circumstances.   In either case it is important that communication between contractor and client is strong and Trakd provides the solid foundation for that communication, ensuring that all parties have access to all information at all times.

StuartBarrCDR clients, Hillary and Peter Moffat, have lived through several renovations and have experienced very different contractor approaches and scenarios along the way. “The StuartBarrCDR experience was by far the best,” says Hillary “As well as having a great team who really listened to what we wanted, we had a reassuringly organised process.”  “Even when suppliers or third parties went off track we could see exactly where we were in relation to agreed timelines.  Having a clear financial statement at all times also gave us great peace of mind” 

In conjunction with the Federation of Master Builders, we at StuartBarrCDR believe that Trakd can have a positive impact on the UK construction industry.  To hear more about Trakd and what it can do for you whether as a client or a business please visit or contact the Trakd business development manager Kirsty Skinner on or 07720 826104.

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