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17th Dec 2015

Twelve days of Christmas ... 7 days of Mamma Mia

If you are a StuartBarrCDR social media follower you may have scanned a series of live progress posts on the whirlwind Mamma Mia project in Summertown last month. The interest came from the tight timeline. Restaurateur Jon Ellse did not want to disappoint his customers by being closed for longer than 10 days - giving us just one week for a full refurbishment!

There may have been no Lords-a-Leaping, Ladies Dancing or Swans-a-Swimming but we did have 6 Painters Painting, 5 Workmen Singing (sometimes), 4 Tilers Laying, 3 Sparkies Wiring, 2 Plumbers Plumbing and a Great Site Ma-a-na-ger!!

On the first day … stripped out the restaurant.

On the second day … we laid a patio.

On the third day…. we laid more patio and built some walls.

On the fourth day… we did (a lot) more tiling!

On the fifth day… we wired and plumbed.

On the sixth day … we plastered, prepped, sanded and fitted.

On the seventh day … we grouted, fitted, painted, painted and painted.

On the eighth day… we slept and ate award-winning pizza!

To see finished photos of the restaurant on opening day click here.

Chris Ellis and his team worked round the clock and truly nailed the timeline on this project… most importantly without compromising standards or attention to detail.

On the morning of the re-opening we had an exciting email from Jon Ellse, restaurateur extraordinaire to let us know that the fabulous Mamma Mia restaurants of Summertown and Jericho had been voted 'The Best Italian Restaurant(s) in the South of England' by the National Food Awards; now if that isn’t an excuse for pizza I don’t know what is. To book a table - go to

According to the Trip Advisor guide “This may be the ultimate traditional pizzeria, complete with checked table cloths and vintage decor. At Mamma Mia, they import special fine-ground 00 flour from Naples. Once they have carefully crafted the bases, they ladle on a top-secret tomato sauce and top it with loads of mozzarella. It’s well worth trying the house special, which features spicy pepperoni and lots of artichoke, sprinkled with mushrooms and scattered with olives.

StuartBarrCDR have enjoyed sampling the pizzas nearly as much as working for Jon again. There is nothing like a challenging project and a tight timeline for building bonds within the team!

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