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1st Mar 2017

'Upside' by Name 'Upside' by Nature; Glass walkway brings in the light

Designed by RPA architects, the brief was to provide a future-proofed home with ultra-low running costs. The site: the bottom of the client’s own garden, the objective: to downsize to a modern residence designed to meet their specific requirements.

The house was built with SIPs (structural insulated panels), pre-fabricated offsite. With the large structural elements forming the ground floor walls in place the first floor and roof were loaded into position by crane, providing a weather-tight shell in approximately two weeks. The highly insulated structure is served by a mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system, which saves energy whilst providing fresh air and climate control throughout. In addition photovoltaic panels provide low cost electricity used to run the MVHR system and meet domestic demand with any surplus sold back to the national grid.

As no roof trusses were required it was possible to create exciting internal spaces vaulted to the underside of the roof. A glass bridge is the standout feature within the open entrance area, extending through two floors to a glazed roof apex above.  This striking and unusual structure brings daylight directly into the heart of the house.

David Noonan, StuartBarrCDR construction director says - “we enjoyed the challenge of the project.  The glass bridge was a technical first for the team and the finished results were very satisfying.

Architect Alice Gurney says “Upside is a great example of the way in which listening carefully to client requirements before applying modern technologies and a holistic approach to design can result in a building which is aesthetically stimulating, environmentally sustainable and economically sound.   

StuartBarr CDR were proud to act as principle contractor for this challenging and interesting project.  For more images visit our project page.  

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